Alaska Corporation Search Using the AK SOS Search Tool

Alaska Corporations Search

The Secretary of State handles the registration and the management of business corporation information filed in the Government of Alaska. Business transaction within the state are recorded and stored in the database of the AK SOS. These information are public documents or registration papers of the following types of entities:

  • Corporations
  • Cooperatives
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Companies
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Companies

Alaska Corporation Search Tool

Users can use the Department of State of Alaska online search tool in order to find a certain corporation or business that is registered in the state. To use the Secretary Of State Alaska search tool, you must first prepare the Business Entity Name or the Entity ID as it is required to search more accurately. Below is a step-by-step guide in searching for a specific business in Alaska.

1 . Visit the Search Page by clicking on this link. See the screenshot for reference.

2 . Most likely people will choose to enter the name of the business entity—example, “Bering Air”. Make sure you enter the right name on the proper field. Radio buttons will help filter your search for an exact match, like filling out the “Starts With” field.

3 . Look at the screenshot for guidance. When you hit “Search” results that match with your entry will appear on the page.

4 . For more information like status, type of business, registered agent, and other filed documents, click the entity number. This will open a page where you can view different details of the business entity, such as shown in the screenshot.

SOS Alaska (AK) SOS More Info

AK SOS Office:

The Lieutenant Governor in Alaska does the same tasks a Secretary of State in other states has. In short, Alaska has no Secretary of State.

Alaska Corporations Search Functions:

The Great Seal of Alaska is guarded by the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska. The seal is used to authenticate public documents especially those signed as official government records. Aside from this duty, the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska also handles the safekeeping of state archives, government properties, public records, and he also manages the Alaska Corporations Search.