Arizona Corporations Commission Name Search

Arizona Corporations Commission Name Search is a simple and powerful tool to get information on existing business entities in the state. Additionally, you can also check for name availability if you intend to register a new business in Arizona.

A detailed and well-managed database of entities is managed by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The database allows searching for various entities registered in the state, including LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and more. 

Arizona Corporations Commission Name Search is also known as eCorp. It can be used as the Arizona business entity search database. The Arizona Secretary of State also maintains a business entity search database, though the state prefers the use of eCorp. That’s largely due to eCorp having more information and a better interface.

Accessing Arizona Corporations Commission Name Search

Searching the Arizona Corporations Commission can be accomplished by visiting its website. Once there, you’ll find several options to conduct a business entity search. Users can also use this function to check for a name for their new business.

Like most other states, Arizona requires a new entity’s name to be unique and distinguishable upon record. Searching through the database with the name you have in mind will let you know if there are existing entities with the same or similar names in the state. This can help streamline the name selection process and make it more convenient.

Searching For An Existing Business Entity

When searching for an existing business entity, it is possible to conduct the search using specific criteria. Note, that though text boxes for input are available for all options, you can only use one of these.

Depending on the choice you make here, it is possible to further refine the search using these filters:

  • Entity type
  • Entity status
  • Name type
  • County

Using proper filters with the search type in the Arizona corp commission entity search can help manage the number of results received. This is helpful in cases of more generic search words.

Checking For Name Availability

The eCorp website makes it remarkably easy to check for name availability. All you have to do is enter the intended name in the “business name” field, and click on the button that says “Name Availability Check”. The system will run the intended name through its database and see if the name is available for use.

There are three buttons at the end of the form. These are:

  • Search – Pressing this button performs a business entity search.
  • Name Availability Check  – This button checks for name availability.
  • Reset – Removes any input information in the form, resets filters and options, and takes the webpage to its initial search state.

Arizona Secretary Of State Business Entity Search

Though eCorp is the recommended option, you can also use the Arizona Secretary Of State Business Entity Search. As the name implies, this search is available on the Arizona SOS website. It is a part of a beta program for Online Trade Name/Trademark Program. As it stands, you can use the program for working with trademarks and trade names as well.

Once you are on the entity search page, you’ll have three options to conduct the search:

  • Business Name.
  • File Number (this includes business entity, trade name, and trademark file numbers).
  • Name of the entity owner or entity statutory agent.

You can use only one of the options listed here. Search results will show the file number, entity name, and entity type. 

Clicking on the file number will take you to the eCorp website with results for the entity. Alternatively, clicking on the arrow next to the file number will show relevant details related to the business entity. 

The page provides a fair chunk of information for the entity, but clearly mentions that there may be more information available on the Arizona Corporations Commission eCorp system.

How To Reserve A Business Name In Arizona

Thought of an excellent name for your business, but aren’t ready to start your business yet? Reserving the name might be a good idea. A huge number of business entities exist in Arizona and more are formed every day. 

As such, finding unique and attractive business names is a tough job. So, if you do strike upon an attractive name, it might be worth reserving the name before someone else snags it.

Is It Mandatory To Reserve A Name?

No, Arizona doesn’t require you to reserve a name. This is an entirely optional exercise, with reservation entirely at your discretion.

While reserving a name is a good idea if you want to protect it, this route may not always be necessary. If you’re not worried about name availability, it may be okay to skip reservation and save your money and effort.

How Long Does An Arizona Name Reservation Last And What Does It Cost?

Once the state accepts your name reservation request, it will be valid for 120 days. However, once this period expires, the name will be available to the general population again. The same person can’t reserve the name again. Therefore, be careful and strategize well before filing for a name reservation.

Name reservation can be done online or through postal mail or in person. The online filing costs $45 and is processed quickly. 

By contrast, paper filings cost just $10 but can be slow to process. It is possible to request expedited services, but it costs an extra $35. That takes the cost of reservation by paper to the same amount as an online filing. The recommended method is online filing, which is quicker and more convenient.

Reserving A Business Name In Arizona

As noted, there are two ways for reserving an Arizona business name. For online filing, you can visit Arizona Corporations Commission Name Search section and check for name availability as explained above.

If the website suggests that the name is available, it will also make it possible to reserve the name online. You can simply follow the process, pay the necessary filing fee, and have the name reservation completed quickly.

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll talk about reserving a name for your Arizona LLC. Relevant forms for name reservation for other entities and other requirements are available on the Forms section on the website of the Arizona Corporations Division.

To register a name for your Arizona LLC, you’ll have to file Application to Reserve LLC Name. This form, and other paper filings in Arizona should be accompanied by a Cover Sheet. If you’re submitting multiple documents, remember that each document needs its own cover sheet.

Once done, you can mail the form and the filing fee to:

Arizona Corporation Commission
Corporations Division
1300 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Again, remember that the Arizona name reservation is not renewable. So plan ahead, and plan well when filing for a name reservation.