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Arkansas Business Search

Business entities registered in the state have records in the registry of the Business and Commercial Services Division of the Arkansas Secretary of State. Any record and document that is about business is kept in this Division of Arkansas. Find the documents of these types of business entities in the state: Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships.

Arkansas Secretary Of State Business Entity Search

Secure at least one of these details before searching: Corporation Type, Entity Name, Fictitious Name, Registered Agent, Registered Agent City, Registered Agent State, and Filing Number. Below is our guide to make your search faster and easier.

Step 1. Visit the Arkansas Secretary Of State Corporation Search and proceed to the “Business Search” under the “Business and Commercial Services” part of the site. Click here to get redirected to the search page directly. You are not required to fill out all the fields but the more information you enter, the more accurate the matched results will be.

Step 2. The most convenient information would be the business entity name. For example, type the name of a bank “Arvest Bank” on the proper field.

Step 3. Hit “Search” and the results will load, starting from the most accurate business entity result matches to the least.

Step 4. Some details are viewable from the Arkansas Secretary Of State Entity Search results page, but you can click the name of the business entity to see further information about it.

Arkansas SOS Info

Arkansas Secretary of State Entity Search Office:

Mark Martin is the present Secretary of State of Arkansas. He serves as the most senior political appointee in the state. The constitutional office is given many responsibilities in terms of governing the state.

Arkansas Secretary Of State Corporations Duties:

Aside from the Arkansas Secretary Of State Corporations, The Buildings and Grounds Division, Business and Commercial Services Division, Communication and Education Division, Elections Division, Fiscal office, State Capitol Gift Shop, and State Capitol Police are the seven divisions under the supervision of the Arkansas Secretary of State.