Florida Business Entity Search and its FL Entity Search Purpose

FL SOS Business Search Entity types such as Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies that are operating in the state of Florida store their information in the database facilitated by the Secretary of State of Florida. Specifically, the office’s Corporations Division keeps and handles such database. Users who wish to access … Read more

Wyoming Secretary Of State Business Search: Wyoming SOS Access Page

 Wyoming Corporation Search Wyoming SOS registry keeps all the records of every business entities registered in the state. This Business Division of the Secretary of State of Wyoming ensures that all the information of every registered entities are traceable. Some of the information found in this division comes from the following entities: Companies Limited Partnerships … Read more

Alaska Corporation Search Using the AK SOS Search Tool

Alaska Corporations Search The Secretary of State handles the registration and the management of business corporation information filed in the Government of Alaska. Business transaction within the state are recorded and stored in the database of the AK SOS. These information are public documents or registration papers of the following types of entities: Corporations Cooperatives … Read more

Alabama Entity Search – AL SOS You Should Know

Alabama Secretary of State Business Search Businesses that want to be registered and authorized in the state of Alabama go to the Business Services of Section under the Alabama Secretary of State. This section of the SOS office is responsible for the records of all business entities in Alabama. Prime examples of entities found in … Read more

Arizona Business Entity Search – AZ SOS Important Details

Arizona Secretary of State Business Search Convenience There are numerous business entities registered in the state of Arizona. One can find Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships in the registry of the state. However, the Arizona SOS now makes it easier for the public to learn about the registered business entities … Read more

Arkansas Secretary Of State Business Search Tool

Arkansas Business Search Business entities registered in the state have records in the registry of the Business and Commercial Services Division of the Arkansas Secretary of State. Any record and document that is about business is kept in this Division of Arkansas. Find the documents of these types of business entities in the state: Corporations, … Read more

California Business Entity Search – CA Corp Search Tool

California Business Entity Search Business entities in the state are recorded and registered under the Business Programs Division of the SOS California. The CA SOS Entity Search database contains business details from companies like Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. Note that you need the Entity Name or Entity Number if you want … Read more

Colorado Secretary of State Business Search – CO SOS Entity Search

Colorado Business Entity Search Convenience Business entities registered in the state of Colorado have their information stored in the registry of the Colorado Business Corporation under the Colorado Secretary of State.  Four of the entity types registered in such registry are Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Corporations. Colorado Corporation Search Guide … Read more

Connecticut Business earch and CT SOS Function

Connecticut Business Search Made Convenient The Business Services Division of Connecticut has a database containing information about various entities such as Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies. This database is open to the public online. If you are planning to browse the database, make sure you know the name, id or filing number … Read more