Connecticut Business Entity Search

Running a Connecticut Business Entity Search enables users to view filings and publicly available information for business entities registered in the state. The online database is a quick way to view these records. Business owners may also use these to view their filings.

Another equally important use of the business entity search is in the name selection for new companies. If you’re setting up a Connecticut LLC or another business entity, using the business entity search is very useful in ensuring that the chosen name is unique and distinguishable. 

Properly targeted searches can make name selection easier. It becomes very convenient to check if the entity name is available. It’s also possible to use the same system to check for confusingly similar names which may cause a problem with name reservation or when filing for the Certificate of Organization.

Using And Accessing Connecticut Secretary Of State Business Search

The business entity database is managed by the office of the Connecticut Secretary of State. Since most states have the Secretary of State manage the database, it’s also called the Connecticut Secretary Of State Business Search. The database is available for access online.

There are three options for the entity search:

  • Search by Name
  • Search by Business ID
  • Search by Filing Number

CT Business Search Through The SOS Website

As noted, three options are available for entity search on the SOS website. These are fairly straightforward and easy to use. Let’s take a look at how they work.

  • Name: This allows an entity search through name. This is the most intuitive option as we recognize entities by their name, so the search becomes easier. The search function here allows searches with exact matches, or a “begins with” search using a wildcard. The wildcard used is asterisk “*”. For this search, simply enter the beginning of the entity name for search, followed by the wildcard.
  • Business ID: Each business has a specific business ID associated with it. Entering the ID will result in an exact result leading to the business entity.
  • Filing Number: This is similar to business ID search, using the filing number of the entity. This is an exact match result. 

Connecticut Business Entity Search Through Business Registration Data

While the conventional CT SOS entity search is workable, it leaves something to be desired. Using Connecticut Business Registration Data can be the solution in this scenario. This website is a collaboration between the Connecticut Secretary of the State and The Connecticut Data Collaborative.

Apart from offering several ways to work with the CT Business Data, it also offers an excellent business entity search. 

There are two options available here:

  • Search business
  • Advanced search of CT Business Data

Using The Search Business Function

The business search function allows entity search using the following parameters:

Using this search has more parameters and allows an easier search. It’s also more resilient than the SOS entity search. For example, search by business name also includes Keyword search by default. This gives it some flexibility.

If you enter the full name of a business, it works as an exact search. Otherwise, it becomes a keyword-based search, which looks through the search query entered and matches it with the entries in the database. 

This approach enables the display of more records and to do a faster search for name matches. It becomes an easy way to check for similar names when you’re looking to pick a name for your new business.

Advanced search of CT Business Data

The advanced search function allows some more maneuverability with the previously listed parameters. You can limit the search based on the following (additional) parameters:

  • Search for active entities only or all entities
  • Limit search to specific dates
  • Limit search by entity type (LLC, corporation, etc.)

How To Reserve A Business Name In Connecticut

Choosing a name is the first step of setting up a business in Connecticut. It can be a tough job because there are a lot of entities already registered and the state requires every entity name to be unique and distinguishable. 

So if you do hit upon a name that’s both unique and attractive, it is a good idea to get hold of it as soon as you can. One quick way to do it is through a name reservation. 

It should be noted that name reservation doesn’t make it possible to legally run a business in the said name. It simply reserves the name so that you can use it for registering your business later. There can be several reasons to choose name reservation. These include getting time to set up your business administration, logistics, or finances. 

Is It Mandatory To Reserve A Business Name In CT?

No, Connecticut doesn’t require you to reserve a business name. Going through this process is entirely optional. In fact, if you’re not worried about name availability, it’s better not to spend your time and resources on name reservation.

How Long Does A CT Name Reservation Last And What Does It Cost?

Once the secretary of state accepts your name reservation request, the name is held for 120 days. You can use this time to set up your business and register the Certificate of Organization for your LLC.

However, once the 120 days are up, there is no option to renew the reservation. It will return to public use after this time. So, be strategic in choosing when you file for reservation and be prepared to move forward.

The cost of filing An Application For Name Reservation is $60.

Reserving A Business Entity Name In Connecticut

To reserve a business entity name in Connecticut, you’ll have to file an Application For Name Reservation with the Secretary of State. Currently, the state doesn’t allow filing this application online, so it’s necessary to submit a paper form.

The Application For Reservation Of Name is available at the Business Forms section of the CT SOS website. The necessary filing fee can be paid using a check made payable to the “Secretary of State”. Once you’ve filled and printed the form, mail it to:

Business Services Division
Connecticut Secretary Of The State
P.O. Box 150470
Hartford CT 06115-0470.

If you’d prefer to deliver the form by hand, the address is:

Business Services Division
Connecticut Secretary Of The State
165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 1000
Hartford, CT 06106.

Before filing the name reservation, check the state requirements and restrictions on words and names. Additionally, use the Connecticut Business Entity Search to make sure that the name of your choice is available. These are simple steps that can dramatically increase the odds of a successful name reservation filing.