Kentucky Business Entity Search

Using Kentucky Business Entity Search is an excellent way to get publicly available information related to business entities in the state. Apart from looking up existing business entities, the search can be used to check for name availability when setting up a new business.

‘It’s important to check name availability, because Kentucky requires a new business name to be unique. Additionally, the name shouldn’t be confusingly similar to another existing business. Both of these objectives can be achieved by Business Entity Search to properly check name availability. KY SOS business search tool also offers a specific section to check for name availability. 

Accessing And Using Kentucky Secretary Of State Business Search

Users can reach the Kentucky Business Entity Search option through the webpage on the Business Filings & Records Online Services section of the SOS website. As with most other states, it is the office of the secretary of state that maintains this database. This is the reason the business entity search is also called Kentucky Secretary Of State Business Search.

Unlike most states, Kentucky’s search webpage doesn’t directly go to a search system. Instead, you have to scroll down the page to the “Online Searches” option, which lists the available search types. These are:

  • Search for an organization using its name or identification number.
  • Check business name availability.
  • Search by name of a current officer.
  • Search using the name of founding officer/initial director.
  • Search using the name of the Kentucky registered agent.

Search By Entity Name Or Identification Number

The most convenient option is Kentucky business entity search by using the name of the business. This is the most intuitive option, mostly because we generally know entities by their names. 

The search option is flexible enough. You can enter the full name of an entity or even a partial name. This way, depending on the information available to you, finding the relevant business remains relatively easy.

Another way to go about this is using the identification number assigned to any business entity. This number is unique to each business, therefore, this is an exact search. The search result will be the (single) entity associated with the number.

Check For Business Name Availability

Looking for a business name is an inherent aspect and part of the business entity search. Search options in Kentucky make it a bit easier with a page dedicated to name availability searches. All you have to do is enter the name for your intended Kentucky LLC or other entity, and let the system decide if it is available for use.

Search Using Name Of Current Officer

If the record of an entity mentions the name(s) of officers, you can search for an entity by searching the name of its officer. This search has three available fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name

Additionally, you can refine searches to show all results or only active entities. It should be remembered that a person can save as an officer for multiple entities. Therefore, this search can have multiple results.

Search Entity By Name Of Initial Officer

This is pretty much the same as the previous option. However, in this case, the officer searched for doesn’t have to be currently associated or employed by the entity. For example, their name may have been included when the Articles of Organization were submitted originally. 

As such, this search has only one available field where the name for the query can be entered. You may also choose to filter by all results or include active entities only.

Kentucky LLC Search And Other Entities Using Registered Agent Name

Essentially, the search using registered agent name is the same as previous options. However, there are a few refinements that make this option more specific, even though it has only one search field to work with. 

Refinements are possible by choosing all results or displaying only active business entities. Results can be sorted using the following names:

  • Sort by RA name
  • Sort by organization name
  • Sort by organization number

Working With Business Entity Search Results In Kentucky

Depending on your search query, you’ll see the results in a table format. Active entities will be listed on a green background, while inactive ones have red. The columns are name, entity number, status, and type.

Clicking on the entity name will take you to the details page of the chosen business. Here, you’ll find plenty of information, like entity name, type, date of formation, Information on the company’s filings, any name changes, A list of current officers available as well.

Businesses can use this page to file annual reports, request a certificate of good standing, and order other documents.

How To Reserve A Business Name In Kentucky

Reserving a business name is often a desirable option. If your Kentucky LLC search for name points in the right direction, things can get very easy. Attractive business names can be difficult to come by, so reserving one quickly can be very useful.

A name reservation is also useful when you have a good name in mind but aren’t prepared to launch your business yet. Many people also have other reasons, like taxation, better launch timing, and many more.

Is It Mandatory To Reserve A Name In Kentucky?

No, the process is entirely optional. The state doesn’t require you to file for reservation before filing the Articles of Organization. In that light, if you aren’t worried about name availability or reservation, you might as well save some resources and skip this step!

What Is The Cost Of Name Reservation And How Long Does It Cost?

Once the KY SOS accepts a name reservation request, the business name is held for 120 days. If you want to extend the reservation further, You can do so by filing for a renewal within the last 30 days of the reservation period.

The name reservation and renewal forms carry a filing fee of $15.

Filing A Name Reservation In Kentucky

Business name reservations in Kentucky are available for filing via postal mail or online. The online method requires using the Kentucky Online Gateway, also known as KOG, or Kentucky One Stop Portal. This portal requires creating a free account to manage your filings.

Those who prefer old-fashioned paper filings via postal mail can download the form from the Business Filings page on the SOS website. Once you have downloaded, completed, and printed, the form, mail it with the filing fee to:

Alison Lundergan Grimes
Office of the Secretary of State
P.O. Box 718
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602-0718

For best results, consider going through the KY SOS business search. Using the Kentucky Business Search and its name availability option can make your filing easier. They’ll also provide better chances of a successful filing, considering the reservation options have been already vetted.