Maryland Business Entity Search Using the Secretary of State Search Tool

Maryland Secretary Of State Business Search

The responsible department for the records of corporate businesses in the state of Maryland is its Secretary of State office. This department has a registry that keeps authorization, files, and other important information of the following businesses found in the state: Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Partnership.

Maryland Entity Search

If you are searching for business entities registered in the state, you need to do the process below. The steps in this guideline will help you succeed in finding information from the Maryland State Corporation Commission using the entity name.

Step 1. Visit the Search page by clicking this link.

Step 2. There are different types or searches according to the information you will provide. You can provide the entity ID or the entity name, as shown in this example.

Step 3. Then, click “Continue” and type the name of the entity on its respective field. Enter “Digex” as an example.

Step 4. When you click “Continue”, you will be redirected to the results page where the matched entity name, ID, details, and status are available for viewing.

Step 5. Once you have found the Maryland Secretary Of State Corporations you are searching for, click on these options to view them: “General information”, “Amendment”, “Personal Property”, or “Certificate of Status”.

*Reminder: Any entity registered in Maryland from years ago are still recorded in the registry. This means that the search results may include business that were already dissolved, incorporated, or forfeited. Aside from being able to search the database, you can also do other things through the website, such as register new businesses and file yearly reports.

Secretary Of State Maryland Information

Office of Maryland Entity Search:

The Maryland Secretary of State is a constitutional office. The current Maryland Secretary of State , John P. Wobensmith, is appointed by the Governor of Marland.

Duties of MD SOS:

The Great Seal of the State of Maryland is protected by the Maryland Secretary of State. Aside from that, the MD SOS is also the keeper of public records and archives. This office is also authorized to issue licenses, notarize public documents, and do other administrative responsibilities.