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Massachusetts Business Search

Records of the business entities like Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Limitied Liability Partnerships are found in the Massachusetss State Corporation Registry. The Secretary of State of Massachusetts keep important data and details regarding corporations situated in the state. Information like recorded documents and business filings within the jurisdiction of the state are stored here.

Massachusetts Secretary Of State Entity Search

A lot of people search the internet for information on a specific business in the state of Massachusetts, and you are lucky because you found this page. The MA SOS Entity Search provides a search tool you can use to look up any registered business or company in the state.

Before doing your research on the Mass Corp Search, you must first secure at least one of the following: Entity Name, Individual Name, ID number, and Filing Number. Below are the steps on how you can perform a faster search using the online tool.

Step 1. Go to the official search page of the website. Click here and you will be redirected.

Step 2. You need to choose which detail you will be using for the search: Business Name, Individual Name, ID number, or Filing Number. Click on the option. As an example, Entity Name is selected.

Step 3. Use the respective field when typing the Entity Name. Example, enter “Country Curtains” if you want to find this particular business’ details.

Step 4. An important part of the search is to identify the type of search. A dropdown menu will show the options “exact match”, “full text” and “soundex”. This helps narrow down the results better.

Step 5. Click Search Corporations and several results will be listed. The first reult will be an exact match with what you entered—in this case it is Country Curtains. See the screen capture below.

Step 6. You can view more information about the entity such as ID number, sort description of their services, public documents of the business, annual reports and more info details that you can download.

Step 7. There is a button for requesting Certificate if you want to get this service from the website.

MA SOS Business Search Information

Mass Corp Search Office:

The main Public Information Official of Massachusetts is its Secretary of State. The Secretary of State or the Secretary of the Commonwealth for Massachusetts was created by the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

William F. Gavin is the present chief of the office. He was elected and re-elected to the position continuously from the 1994 elections to the 2014 elections, which means he has been serving the office for six terms now.

LLC Lookup MA Responsibilities:

There are several responsibilities of the Secretary of the State Massachusetts like licensing, authorizing, and guarding of public documents and archives in the LLC Lookup MA. However, they are also tasked to manage the following departments of the state: The Corporations Division, The Archives of the Massachusetts, The Election Division, The State Record Centre, The Public Records Division, The Securities Division, and The Massachusetts Historical Commission