Nebraska Business Entity Search

Nebraska Business Entity Search makes it possible to look up the business database of the state. It’s a useful tool, especially for business owners and those looking to start a new business in the state. 

Finding a name for your business is the first step towards starting a Nebraska LLC or another business entity. The chosen name should be unique and distinguishable upon record i.e. it’s not confusingly similar to another business entity.

The database is managed by the Nebraska Secretary of State. Therefore, it’s also called the Nebraska secretary of state business search.

Accessing And Using Nebraska Secretary Of State Business Search

Conducting an entity search in Nebraska is possible via postal mail, fax, email, and online. We’ll focus on the online application here, but those who prefer can also send writer requests via postal mail, fax, or email.

The postal mail address for sending queries is:

P.O. Box 94608,
NE 68509-4608.

For requests sent via fax, the number is (402) 471-3666.

If you’d prefer to send queries via email, the address is

The entity search database is available online and is free to use. Broadly speaking, the entity search in Nebraska is divided into two categories.

  • Business Name Search
  • Account Number

The business name search has several variations and parameters to be used. Let’s take a look at the parameters involved and how to use them.

Using The Name Search For Entity Lookup

Searching via names is the most intuitive and straightforward option. Since we recognize businesses by name, it is much easier to conduct a search using the business name. Here are the patterns available:

  • Name Starts With: When taking this approach, the search query must contain the starting of the business name. These can be letters or alphabets. This approach is useful when you have a business name search in mind, but don’t know the full name of the business. The search query must have at least three letters.
  • Name Keyword Search
    • Match All Words: If this option is selected, all words in the search query are matched with the name of the business entity. The order of the words isn’t important as long as all words in the query are available in the entity name.
    • Match Any Word: In this scenario, the search results must have at least one word matching the query. The search query must have at least three letters.
  • Name Sounds Like: This uses an algorithm that runs a phonetic match of the entered query to the names in the entity database. It’s necessary to enter at least three letters. It should be noted that this search can return a very large number of results.
  • Name Exact Match: This is an exact search, so you must know the full name of an entity when using this option. The full entity name and the corporate ending/designator must be included in the search query.

Using The Account Number For Search

Every entity in Nebraska has a Secretary of State Entity Account Number. Using this option involves using this account number as the search query. This is an exact search and will return the result as only the entity associated with the account number.

Working With The Nebraska Entity Search Results

If there are relevant search results to a query, they’ll be displayed in a list. The information available for each entity includes the name, type, secretary of state account number, and status of the entity. A “details” button is also available for each entity.

Clicking on this button takes you to a page with more detailed information about the chosen entity. This includes basic information like name and nature of business, entity type, name and address of Nebraska Registered Agent, etc.

The name, designation, and address of the officers of the entity are also available. Scrolling down, you’ll find a list of the documents filed by the company. It’s possible to purchase these filings. The cost can vary depending on the number of pages in the document, though it generally is $0.45 per page.

Businesses can also order a certificate of good standing to be delivered by USPS mail. Alternatively, an online certificate of good standing with electronic validation is also available for purchase.

How To Register A Business Name In Nebraska

Finding a good and attractive business name is a tough job. So if you think of something that fits your requirements, it’s worthwhile to consider the name reservation option. Essentially, this enables you to reserve a name for future use, without having to go through forming an entity. 

You can use this time to clear up any hurdles in the formation of your business and prepare to file the articles of organization or other documents. 

Is It Mandatory To Reserve A Business Name In Nebraska?

No, Nebraska doesn’t require you to file a name reservation request when setting up a business in the state. As noted previously, the reservation is a way that allows entrepreneurs to hold on to a business name without actually forming an entity. 

On the other hand, if you’re not concerned with name availability, it can make sense to skip name reservation. The time and resources for this process could be better spent elsewhere.

How Long Does A Name Reservation In NE Last And What Does It Cost?

A Nebraska LLC name reservation is good for 120 days. The filing fee associated with this form is $15. There is, however, no option to renew your reservation. This makes it very important to go through the reservation strategically.

The cost of filing a name reservation is $15. It’s also possible to transfer a reserved name for $15 by filing the “Transfer of Reserved Name” form. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t extend or renew the reservation. It merely transfers it for the remaining duration of the reservation.

Filing A Name Reservation Request In Nebraska

To reserve a business name, you’ll need to file an Application For Reservation with the Secretary of State. The form is available on the Forms and Fees section of the SOS website. For domestic LLCs, the form has a filing fee of $10 + $5 per page. For most filings, this fee comes out to $15. 

The filing fee and form are different for each entity, so it’s better to go through the Forms and Fees section to find the form suitable for your choice of entity. The required fee can be paid via check or money order made payable to “Secretary of State”.

Once you’re ready, mail two copies of the form and the filing fee to:

Robert B. Evnen, Secretary of State
P.O. Box 94608
Lincoln, NE 68509.

Before filing a name reservation, check that the name complies with the Nebraska entity name restrictions. Running a Nebraska Business Entity search to confirm name availability is an important step in confirming the availability of the name. Going through these steps can increase the chances of a successful filing.