New Mexico Business Entity Search

A New Mexico Business Entity Search is a way to view publicly available information on businesses registered in the state. It’s also useful for name search for those setting up a new business in New Mexico.

The name of a new business entity should be unique and distinguishable, which means it shouldn’t be confusingly similar to previously existing names. Running an entity search with the proposed name makes it possible to check if it qualifies the state requirements.

This database is maintained by the office of the Secretary of State. That’s why it’s also called the NM Secretary of State business search.

Accessing And Using NM Secretary Of State Business Search

NM business entity search is available online. The following options and criteria are available for the search:

  • Business Entity Name/DBA Name
  • Business ID Number
  • Registration/Reservation Number

Search using the business entity name is the most relevant for NM corporation lookup by most people. This is simply because we know businesses by their name, rather than ID Number or similar. In the same vein, for businesses looking themselves up, using the ID Number is more relevant, since it makes the search quicker and targeted.

Let’s consider the available options and how they work.

Search Using Business Entity Name

Search using a business entity name is the most intuitive way to conduct the search, simply because of the familiarity we have with business names. The NM SOS entity search also includes Assumed Names (DBA Name) in this search. It’s possible to refine this search using the following options:

  • Starts With: This option looks for entity names that start with the given search query. You don’t need to know the full name of the entity as long as you have a good idea of the starting of its business name.
  • Exact Match: As the name implies, the exact match search requires entering the full name of the entity. This is a targeted search that generally has just one result.
  • Contains: This search option looks for the presence of the search query in entity names. The order of the words is not important, as long as the words in the search query are contained in the entity names.

Search By Business ID/Registration/Reservation Number

All businesses in New Mexico have an associated business ID. Similarly, depending on the business or name reservation, there may also be a registration or reservation number.

It’s possible to use any of these options to conduct a business entity search. Since there is only one business associated with a particular business ID number, the search result will be exact. The same logic goes for registration and reservation number as well. 

All of these are quick ways for business owners or reservation holders to quickly check the status of their business/reservation.

Checking Name Availability In New Mexico

New Mexico Business Entity Search doesn’t provide a specific option to check name availability. However, you can check availability by conducting the classic business name search. If your proposed business name doesn’t return any results, there’s a good chance it is available. Still, it is a good idea to try variations to ensure that there are no confusingly similar names.

How To Reserve A Business Name In New Mexico

There may be a situation when you have an excellent business name in mind, but aren’t prepared to set up your business yet. Good names are tough to come by and waiting may result in someone else grabbing that name. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to rush into filing the Articles of Organization for your New Mexico LLC.

In these cases, the best option is to consider a name reservation. If accepted, the name is reserved for your sole use. You can’t use the name professionally without forming a business, but there is no chance of someone else taking it either. 

When you’re ready to move ahead with registering your business, you can use the reserved name for your business. It’s also possible to transfer the name to another person, if necessary.

Is It Mandatory To Reserve A Business Name In New Mexico?

No, you’re not required to return a business name in New Mexico. The name reservation process is entirely optional. As discussed, there can be several reasons why you’d want to reserve a business name. 

On the other hand, if name availability isn’t an issue, it might be wiser not to spend time and resources on a name reservation.

How Long Does A Name Reservation In NM Last And What Does It Cost?

Once the NM Secretary of State accepts a name reservation request, it’s valid for 120 days. You can file a renewal for another 120 days if you wish to extend the reservation. The cost of filing the reservation is $20. It costs the same amount to file renewals too.

Filing A Name Reservation In New Mexico

Filing a name reservation in New Mexico requires filing the relevant documents with the NM Secretary of State. The form for name reservation for a New Mexico LLC is available on the Business Services section of the NM SOS website. 

There are two components to this filing. The first is the Application for Reservation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company Name. Apart from this, you’ll also have to complete the Document Delivery Instruction Form. The $20 filing fee can be paid via check made payable to the “New Mexico Secretary of State”.

Once the form and the payment are ready, mail everything to:

Business Services Division
325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501.

Before filing for a name reservation, check that the name doesn’t have anything to trigger New Mexico’s naming restrictions. Running a New Mexico business entity search helps remove any obvious problems with name reservation. These steps form the basis of due diligence and greatly improve the chances of a successful name reservation filing.