NH SOS – New Hampshire Business Entity Search and its Importance

The New Hampshire Secretary of State (NH SOS) has a business corporation registry containing information of various types of business entity, which include Corporations, Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies. All the current and former entities operating in New Hampshire are stored in this registry.

NH Business Lookup

The Secretary of State of New Hampshire made sure that the public can access information about various business entities registered in NH Sec of State. As a result, an online tool for performing New Hampshire Secretary of State Business search was created.

Before you search a business using the tool, make sure you know the name of the corporate or the business entity.

Your New Hampshire corporation search can be a lot easier with the help of the instructions provided below:

Open your browser and visit the New Hampshire business search page using this link, click here. There are radio buttons you can click to set your preferred sorting criteria. For this instance, we chose “starting with”. As an example, we use “Presstek” as a business name to be entered in the provided field. The NH corporation search page will require you to enter the entity name you are looking for. Once you click the Search button, you will be able to view list of entities with their name and other information. If you want to learn more about a particular entity on the list, simply click on its name. 

What to Know About SOS New Hampshire (NH)?

The Secretary of State of New Hampshire heads the New Hampshire Department of State and is a constitutional office in New Hampshire.

The election of a New Hampshire Secretary of State happens twice in a year. The members of the New Hampshire General Court are the ones to elect a new Secretary of State. William M. Gardener currently holds this position.

What are the Functions of this Office of New Hampshire Business Entity Search?

The New Hampshire Secretary of State has a myriad of responsibilities. It secures the public documents, the state archives, and most importantly the Great Seal of the State of New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, the Secretary of State acts as a legislative and executive body. The distribution of all election-related items is also the responsibility of the New Hampshire Secretary of State. The office also gives the public the capacity to check various businesses registered in the state through its New Hampshire business entity search tool which can be accessed online.