NM SOS and New Mexico Corporation Search Guide

New Mexico Business Search

Any business organization in the state of New Mexico has information in the New Mexico Secretary of State registry. The centre of filing, type, and details of every corporation in the state us kept in the registry. There are many kinds of companies whose information are available in the New Mexico business corporation registry, such as:

  • Limited Company
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Company

New Mexico Corporation Search

The New Mexico Secretary of State Corporation Search has an online page where users can search information about any registered business entity in the state. To hasten the search of the user, he or she must prepare the following details: Entity Name, Entity ID, Director, or Agent. Since searching from the New Mexico registry is a process, you are provided a step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Visit this page and you will be sent to the New Mexico Secretary Of State Business Entity Search section of the website, just click here. Shown below is a screen capture of the page.Step 2. There is a respective field for every information you have prepared. If you want to search the registry with the entity name, type the name of the entity on its proper field. Try typing “Gigablast” on the name field. You can also search for the company using the entity ID, director, or agent.

Step 3. For faster searching in the website, enter information on these fields: Begins or Contains.

Step 4. When you have entered every detail, click Search and you the results will appear, like shown:

Step 5. If you want to view more details about a certain company name on the results page, click on the Select button that is found at the end of the row. Check out the screen capture below.

NM SOS Business Search Information

NM SOS Business Search Office:

The New Mexico Secretary of State is elected into a four-year term. At present, Dianna Duran is New Mexico’s Secretary of State. From the year 1923, every Secretary of State of New Mexico was female. The New Mexico Secretary Of State Corporations is a constitutional office.

Functionalities of New Mexico Secretary Of State Business Search:

The following sectors are managed by the Secretary of State of New Mexico:

  • Bureau of Elections
  • The Ethics Administration
  • The Information Services Division
  • Operations Division

Different acts of the state are done under the authorization of the Secretary of State of New Mexico. Certain state protocols come from the office of the SOS. Public records, archives, and the official seal of the state are kept by the Secretary of State. Government documents found in the New Mexico Secretary Of State Business Search and automobile licenses are provided by the New Mexico SOS.