Oklahoma Business Entity Search

Oklahoma business entity search is maintained by the Secretary of State. This tool is intended to make publicly available information about business entities easier to access. 

There are several possible uses of this search. Finding details and public filings for a particular business is one such application. Another useful application is checking for name availability when setting up an Oklahoma LLC or another business. 

Since the name of the new entity must be unique and distinguishable on the record, using an entity search can give users a fair view of the availability and use of a name. Existing businesses may also use this feature to check their filings, as well as to file documents or order documents related to their business.

The entity search in Oklahoma isn’t entirely free. Using search results will show entity summary information. Getting detailed information on a business entity requires payment of a $5 fee.

Currently, the database is fairly expansive and includes most entity types. Fictitious names, trademarks, and trade names are also searchable.

Accessing And Using Oklahoma Business Entity Search

Oklahoma Secretary of State business search is available online with the Business Records Department. A web page for full corp search (corporation search) is also available. It’s worth noting that though this is called corp search, it includes all entities available in the database, including LLCs and others. 

The default option is to search via Entity Name. However, clicking on Advanced Search offers the following options:

  • Search All
  • Filing Number Search
  • Search Active
  • Name Availability
  • Search Banks
  • Search Churches
  • Search Domestic Cooperatives
  • Search Oklahoma Registered Agent
  • Search by Name of Person

Using Offline Entity Search

Oklahoma also offers an offline business entity search. For this, you’ll have to mail a written request to the Business Records Department. This search costs $5. The mailing address is:

Business Records Department
421 N.W. 13th, Suite 210
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Oklahoma Secretary Of State Business Search Details

  • Name Search is the most intuitive option. If you know the full name of a business, you can enter that to see more targeted results. Otherwise, it’s possible to use keywords to get results.
  • Search All enables the search term to be checked in the entire database.
  • Filing Number Search is an exact search. Every business has an assigned filing number, which can be used to get details on a specific business.
  • Search Active limits the search to active business entities only. 
  • Name Availability search checks if the search term is available for use as a business name.
  • Search Banks option looks through registered banks in the state.
  • Search Churches limits the search to churches.
  • Search Domestic Cooperatives limits the search to registered domestic cooperatives in Oklahoma.
  • Search Registered Agent searches through registered agents in the state. Since a registered agent may represent several entities, this search can have multiple results.
  • Search by Name of Person goes through entities depending on the name of their officers and organizers.

Seeing And Using Search Results

Any relevant search results to a query will be displayed in a tabular format. The available information includes entity name, filing number, type, registered agent, and name type and status. Clicking on the filing number will take users to the summary information section for the entity. 

The summary information includes basic details about the company and the name and address of the registered agent.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find more options as buttons. These are:

  • View Entity Details
  • File A Document
  • Order Document
  • New Search

Viewing an entity detail costs $5. Existing businesses can file their documents (like annual certificate) or order documents (like certificate of good standing) using this page.

How To Reserve A Business Name In Oklahoma

Filing a name reservation is an excellent way to hold a name for use without setting up your business. It’s worth noting that reserving a name doesn’t give anyone the legal authority to do business under the said name. 

Mostly, it is used as a way to keep the name ready for use while you prepare to set up your business. There can be several reasons for this, including taxation, logistics, administration, etc.

It’s a requirement that a business name be unique. Also, it shouldn’t be confusingly similar to the name of other registered entities. Considering the number of businesses and trademarks already in use, it is difficult to find a name that’s unique and attractive. 

If you find a name that fits your requirements, it might be a good idea to reserve it so that it remains available when you choose to use it. 

Is Name Reservation Mandatory In Oklahoma?

No, name reservation is entirely optional. As discussed in the previous section, there are several good reasons to go for a name reservation. However, if you’re not concerned about name availability, it’s useful to skip this part. 

How Long Does An Oklahoma Name Reservation Last And What Does It Cost?

Once the OK Secretary of State okays your name reservation request, the reservation remains valid for 60 days. There is no option to renew, so be careful when you file for reservation. Being strategic to make the best way. The cost of filing for name reservation is $10.

Filing A Name Reservation In Oklahoma

You can file for a name reservation online or by filing a paper form. Filing online requires using the state’s corporation filing wizard. The process is straightforward but requires the user to register for a (free) account. This is a useful option as you may use this account later to transfer the reservation when filing the Articles of Organization.

To file via postal mail or walk-in, you’ll need to download, fill, and print the form for Application for Reservation of Name. This form is currently located under the Additional Business Forms section of the Downloadable Business Forms page on the Oklahoma SOS website.

Mail the completed form and the filing fee to:

Oklahoma Secretary of State
421 N.W. 13th St.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103

Before filing for a name reservation, you should also check the relevant state guidelines for picking a name. And yes, doing an Oklahoma Business Entity Search forms the basis of ensuring that the name is available for reservation and subsequent use.