SD SOS and How to Use SOS Business Search Tool

Business Search South Dakota

Business corporation registry is run by the business services division in SD SOS. Its function is to keep the records of all the entities files and registered under the state, keeping all the necessary information in a database.

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

Secretary Of State SD Corporation Search

The SD SOS online search tool enables easy access in searching every registered business entities within the state of South Dakota. It serves as a database with information of each entity.

Here are some guidelines on how to start with the search in their online database:

To start your search, you have to secure one of this following business information:

  • Corporate Name
  • Corporate Identity
  • Entity Details
  • Registered Agent

To understand more about the entire process, read the guidelines below.

  1. Notice the screenshot below, it will give you the idea on what to see when you click here and directed to the search page where you will find the list of business entities within South Dakota.
    If you decide to use the name of the business like “Dakota Styles” per say, you just need to type it in the search box. See below screenshot.
  1. The moment you enter the name of the corporation or its ID number and click the search button, expect to see the result page. The list of entities will be shown together with brief details like the status, ID and the standing of the company. Screenshot is provided below.
  2. If you want detailed information, you can click the name of the entity or the ID.

If you want to have information like the certificate of good standing, you need to pay for it in small amount. Not only that you can search for entities but you can also do some filing and set up a new business corporation in South Dakota.

SD SOS Basic Info

SOS Business Search Office:

The Secretary of State of South Dakota office is an elected constitutional part of the offices in the government. Its officer is elected in an executive position that handles responsibilities like looking after various matters that concerns the state and other states.

Shantel Crabs is the current head of the Secretary of State of South Dakota next to Jason Gant.

Functionalities of Secretary Of State SD:

Registering state lobbyist and administering the rules and policies to corporations are some of the functions of the Secretary Of State SD. He also maintains the public documents of the state in the. Here are some of the division of the state that the Secretary of State of South Dakota is supervising:

  • Business Services Division
  • Administrative Division
  • Elections Division