Secretary of State ND Search – North Dakota Business Search you Need to Know

North Dakota SOS Business Search

The North Dakota SOS has a registry of business entities operating in the state and their respective details. The registry includes many different types of entities. They are as follows:

  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Companies
  • Corporations
  • Cooperatives
  • Foreign Entities

North Dakota Secretary of State Business Search Tool: How to Use

Searching for a business entity registered in the state of North Dakota is easier using the online North Dakota business search tool facilitated by. It is quite important to know the name or number of the entity you want to search, but if you wish to be more specific, you can also opt for advanced search options such as owner name, city, country, and license number.

Check out the following instructions on making your search on the ND Sec of State database so you can do the action smoothly and ensure that you will get the right information:

Visit the search page on your browser using this link by clicking here. In this example, we will use “Baker Boy” as the name of the business entity you will put in the search field with entity name as your search criteria. The result page will load after hitting the search button and you will then see the list of entities along with some information. More details about an entity will be available to you if you click on the Status type. 

SOS North Dakota (ND) Important Info

The North Dakota Secretary of State is an executive branch of the state government and also an elected constitutional office of North Dakota. Alvin A. Jaeger is the current head of this particular office.

What are the Functions of this Office of ND SOS?

The responsibilities of the Secretary of State of North Dakota includes regulation of state elections, recording of government activities, distribution of copies of legislative resolutions, and authorization and authentication of state documents with the use of the seal. The Great Seal of the State is also in the custody of this office.

Every biennial legislative assembly produces bills and resolutions. It is the task of the Secretary of State of North Dakota to record these documents and keep them secure. The issuance of licenses, regulation of vehicles, and administration of rules on different government bodies in the state is also under the responsibility of the ND SOS.