Utah Business Entity Search

Utah Business Entity Search makes it very convenient to check name availability when setting up a new business. It’s also useful in viewing publicly available information related to a business entity. Existing businesses may also use it to check their filings or purchase documents like the Certificate of Existence.

It continues to be especially useful for name availability search. Utah requires that the name of a new business entity be unique and clearly distinguishable from previously existing entities. Running your desired business names through the entity search can make it easier to check name availability and consider possible problem points.

Accessing And Using The Utah Business Entity Search

Business entity search in Utah is available for access online. The system is maintained by the Utah Division of Corporations, which is the governing body for business processes. Users can execute a search based on the following parameters:

  • Business Name
  • Entity Number
  • Executive Name

Using Business Name Search For Utah

Search by business name is the first order of business. It’s the most intuitive search option for most users since we know businesses by their name. The search also makes it easy by allowing some variations to work through search query requirements.

Users can search for an entity by searching its full name or using a partial name and looking through the results displayed. Natively, the search function supports full words, beginning of words, and phrases.

Once you’ve entered the search, it shows all relevant results on a specific page. You can move to searching for a specific entity using this method.

The name search is also directly tied into Name Availability search. When you enter a search query, any available results will be displayed as a table. On the other hand, if no business exists as a relevant search result, the system will show that the name is available for registration or reservation should you choose to use it.

In this case, the search will also provide a helpful link to move forward with registering the name and your business. So if you do have a name that makes sense, it’s a good idea to move forward with Utah business name registration (or reservation).

It should be noted that this name availability search is not foolproof. It only checks if the same name is available for use. There is still the question of dealing with similar names. If you are using this option, it makes sense to be thorough with name search and check similar names before you proceed to file for registration/reservation.

Conducting Search Using Business Entity Number

Every business in Utah has a fixed entity number assigned for its use. This search option makes the best use of that number to deliver search results. Generally speaking, this option is best used by existing businesses since it’s very unlikely for other people to know the entity number.

Due to the very nature of this number and its association with businesses, this search is very specific. As such, it is an exact search that will provide an exact result.

Business Search Through Executive Name

If you know the name of someone who works for a business entity, you could use the person’s name to look up business entities. All you have to do is enter the executive name and hit the search button.  However, there are a few specifics of the search function that you might find handy. 

There are four options to conduct this search:

  • Search using executive last name.
  • Searcy by using multiple names (each name is separated by a comma “,”).
  • Beginning of names, where rather than writing the full spellings of the name, you only write them partially.
  • Exact name search involves placing quotes around the intended search term. This way, the search function looks for the exact search term placed in quotes.

An executive name search can have multiple results. This is because a single person may be an executive in several companies. Additionally, there might be a person with the same name who represents a different company. Either way, chances are that this search will show multiple results.

What’s interesting here is that Utah charges $3 for every executive name search. You must pay this amount for every executive name search you intend to conduct. Alternatively, you can use an existing service account to add money and pay for multiple searches. 

Is There An Utah Secretary Of State Business Entity Search?

For most states, it is the Secretary of State that manages the business entity search. This would mean that the same would be true for Utah as well. Turns out, there is no Utah Secretary Of State Business Entity Search. 

Utah doesn’t have a Secretary of State. Therefore, there is no UT SOS business search. As previously noted, the Utah Business Entity Search is managed by the Utah Division of Corporations. 

Working With Entity Search Results

If the search query has results, they are displayed in a tabular form. The information related to this includes entity name, type, status, and city. A “Details” option is also available. Clicking on this will take you to a page with more information about the chosen entity.

Information available on this page includes basic details on the entity like name, entity number, status. The same section also has information on the Utah registered agent and the agent’s address. 

The next section has information on the status, renewal date, and status description. In this section, the state defines whether or not the company is in “good standing”. The history and additional details related to the entity are included in the next sections. Options to view the management team and filed documents are available as well.

Owners/managers of the company may use this page to update information or to purchase documents like the Certificate of Existence.

How To Reserve A Business Name In Utah

There’s a chance that you’ve found an attractive and interesting name for your Utah LLC or another business entity but aren’t prepared to launch your business just yet. Considering that names have to be unique and the large number of names already taken, finding the right name can be challenging.

So, if you do hit upon a name like this, it’s a good idea to grab the name quickly. The name reservation option lets you do just that. With the name safely reserved and in place, you can move to prepare for the launch of the business. 

Is It Mandatory To Reserve A Business Name In Utah?

No, Utah doesn’t require a name reservation and this process remains entirely optional. Those who’re all set to launch their business can skip name reservation and move to file their documents (like Certificate of Organization for LLCs). 

Similarly, if you see no need for a name reservation and aren’t concerned about availability, it might be worthwhile not to spend resources on a name reservation.

How Long Does A Name Reservation In UT Last And What Does It Cost?

Once a name reservation request is approved, the state holds the name for 120 days. You can use this time to set up the necessary infrastructure for your business. Need more time? It’s possible to file for renewal and keep the name for another 120 days. 

The filing fee for a name reservation is $22. Similarly, a renewal too costs $22.

Filing A Name Reservation Request In Utah

A name reservation in Utah requires filing an “Application for Reservation of Business Name”. The form is simple enough and requires only straightforward information like the name to be reserved and the contact details of the person filing the request.

Once you have downloaded and completed the form, it’s time to mail it along with the $22 filing fee. The fee can be paid via check made payable to the “State of Utah”. The mailing address is:

Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code,
P.O. Box 146705,
Salt Lake City,
Utah 84114-6705.

In case you’d prefer to deliver the form in person, the address is:

Heber M. Wells Building,
160 E 300 S,
1st Floor,
Salt Lake City,
Utah 84111. 

There’s also an option to deliver the form via fax. When choosing this option, remember to attach a fax cover letter with the name reservation request and payment information. Fax the documents to (801) 530-6438.

Before you submit the name reservation request, make sure that the chosen name doesn’t run afoul with the state’s naming restrictions. And of course, going through Utah Business Entity Search is an excellent way to check for name availability. 

Using a few variations there can also help look out for (or weed out) any similar names that may otherwise be a problem. This can help with dramatically increasing the chances of a successful filing.