Virginia Secretary Of State Business Search Tool from the SOS Website

Regarding Virginia Business Entity Registry Search

There are various kinds of business entities in the state of Virginia. These businesses are all registered under the business registry. The record of registry contains information like filing name and registration details. Below are the following types of business entities:

Virginia Business Entity Search

Are you trying to look for registered business entity in the State of Virginia? Well, you certainly come to the right place. Virginia Corporation Search can provide you a step-by-step guidelines on how to make your search easier.

In making your research, all you need to secure is the name of the corporate or business entity you want to search. You can also use its identification number if this is what you have.

Read further to have a better understanding on how to make an effective registered entities using VA Corporation Search.

  1. First, you need to go to the search page by clicking the link that will lead you to it. The search page is where you can find any registered businesses in the state of West Virginia. Screenshot show below is similar to what you are going to see once you follow the guideline.
  1. Second, type in the search page the business name of the entity you want to search. If you have the name of the entity in handy for instance, “Biovista” then you should key it in. Another screenshot is provided below.
  1. Next, click the registered name of business or entities in the result page. You can choose from the list of registered entities shown. Refer to the screenshot below on what to see.
  1. Lastly, if you want to make advance research to get detailed information about a specific entity, you need to click its name. By then, you can have information like its status, authorization and many more.

The VA SOS Business Search

Virginia Secretary of State is also considered as the Secretary of Commonwealth just like in the state of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Also, Va SOS is a constitutional office in the Us State of Virginia.

Levar Stoney is thecurrent office holder of the Virginia Secretary of State. He also serves as an assistant to the Governor when it comes to appointing individuals in the board that will serve in the Commonwealth.

Functionalities of Virginia Entity Search:

The Secretary of the state of Virginia holds great responsibilities. He is the keeper of the State Seal. He is also the custodian of the public documents of the state including the archives of the public that are searchable in the Virginia Entity Search page. The issuing of licenses and authorizations to business entities in the state is also under his office. Not to mention registering lobbyist and authorizing public documents.