Wyoming Secretary Of State Business Search: Wyoming SOS Access Page

 Wyoming Corporation Search

Wyoming SOS registry keeps all the records of every business entities registered in the state. This Business Division of the Secretary of State of Wyoming ensures that all the information of every registered entities are traceable. Some of the information found in this division comes from the following entities:

  • Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Enterprises
  • Limited Enterprises

Wyoming Business Entity Search

An online search tool is made possible by Wyoming Secretary of State. This website aims to help people search for details of every registered business in the state. However, in order to start the search, those who will utilize the tool must secure information of the business entity they will search. This information includes the filing name of the company or the filing id.

In order to start with your search for records of the business entities in Wyoming, you have to follow some guidelines. Check the steps below for your reference.

Step 1. You have to click here in order to be directed to the search page of Wyoming Business Search. This search page is where you will look for every registered business in the state.

Step 2.  Make sure that when you reach the search page, you have with you the information you need like the name of the entity you want to search. For instance, you can enter “TacoJohns” in the field which it is required. The “filing name” could also be one. You can either type it on “Starts with” or in “Contains” field. With this, the search will be more precise. See below screenshot to check if you are doing the right thing.

Step 3. Proceed to the next step. After typing the name of the entity and hitting the “Search” button, you will then see the result page. This page contains all the names of the business entities in the state. Included should be the name of the company you entered earlier. A short details about the company is also provided.

Step 4. If you want to learn more about the business entity you are searching for, click on the name.

Wyoming Secretary Of State Additional Info

SOS Office:

The Secretary of State of Wyoming is a part of a constitutional office of the state Wyoming. The government of Wyoming establishes this office.

In the absence of the Governor, The Secretary of State of Wyoming takes over his responsibilities. Ed Murray was the head of the office since the year 2015.


Aside from being the substitute of a Governor, The Secretary of State of Wyoming is also the keeper for the Great Seal of the state.  This seal is important when it comes to authenticating documents and records. Also, the SOS is responsible in creating Wyoming Corporation Search tool so that search will be easier for those who will use it.